Silicon Cloud’s system (HiPerCube™) includes computing hardware infrastructure, a hardware infrastructure management layer, and a Scientific and Engineering Applications (SEA) workflow management layer. Application tools are integrated seamlessly in the workflow management layer.


HiPerCube™ is a turn-key high performance and secure system for SEA. HiPerCube™ includes:

  • Cisco UCS converged cloud architecture
  • High performance virtualization technology optimized for compute intensive applications, scalable to 10,000s of virtual machines
  • Secure browser-based workflow and hardware infrastructure management
  • Individualized Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC) policy enforcement
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with VPN, VLAN, and IP network specific to each project
  • Controlled-access endpoints through specialized client machines, VPN, and OTP authentication
  • Application integration and application management infrastructure
  • Usage and resource metering and statistics (compute, storage, and applications)
  • Per project, integrated version control
  • System support and application integration services

HiPerCube™ will unburden users from the cost and complexity of developing and maintaining computing infrastructure and workflows, foster global collaboration, encourage industry-academia engagements, and provide an efficient and cost effective solution for SEA.