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There are significant opportunities to improve the infrastructure for Scientific and Engineering Applications (SEA) through leveraging modern cloud computing technologies. SEA cover a wide range of applications including semiconductor design, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor design, multi-physics analyses, 3D modeling and simulation, genomics, DNA sequencing, eManufacturing, and weather forecast. SEA workflows and computing infrastructure have not changed much over the past two decades and by and large have not benefited from technology advances in cloud computing, hardware virtualization, execution behavioral management, workflow management, and many other technologies commonly used by social networking and eCommerce applications.

Products & Markets

Private Clouds for Scientific and Engineering Applications (HiPerCube™)

Silicon Cloud establishes private cloud centers for companies who wish to own and operate their own internal cloud. This includes companies engaged in various aspects of SEA. Silicon Cloud will provide a complete solution with the cloud infrastructure installed and operational at the customer’s site, along with on-going system support and application integration services.

Universities and Research Institution (UniCloud™ = HiPerCube™ + Semi/IoT applications)

Many countries around the world have identified semiconductor and IoT design as part of their national agenda to move to a knowledge-based economy. These countries include the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Brazil, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Vietnam, and many others. Silicon Cloud establishes cloud computing centers for universities and research institutions with turn-key semiconductor and IoT design workflows. The cloud also includes interactive and hands-on semiconductor and IoT design training packages, a component highly valued by developing countries.

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Pay-Per-Use Design Platform (SciCloud™ = HiPerCube™ + Semi/IoT applications + metering/billing)

For small companies, the fixed cost of design workflows and infrastructure becomes a high percentage of their revenue. A pay-per-use business model will unburden small companies from the fixed cost and complexity of developing a design workflow and owning their own computing infrastructure. Silicon Cloud is also providing a turn-key design platform to this segment of the market.

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